SSO returns different PK than from a few hours ago

I experienced a weird thing. I've been trying to implement a self host solution and I've been playing around with a bunch of private keys, generating shares, etc. Until today - a few hours ago ALL of the SSOs I've been using for testing purposes suddenly started returning different private keys in the login response. So I am not able to access the previously constructed keys..

E.G. I login with a new google account for the first time -> generate a share for the SecurityQuestions module -> generate another share which I store locally = I end up with 2/4 shares. I've been able to reconstruct these private keys by providing the shares up until now. Now all of my google accounts started returning a different PK in the login response, hence I am unable to reconstruct the same keys I've been previously using. If that was on a production app, these wallets would have been lost forever. So my question is:

Is there something really wrong with my implementation or is this because of some "testnet flush" or whatever?
Is it not provided that each SSO login would always provide the same private key?

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Check the discussion at:

Hard to tell without a code snippet of your implementation, provide that and we can dig deeper.

With the same SSO you should get the same "Postbox Key" or "OAuth Key" every time, if you aren't, check the network your verifier is on is that the same? These are some reasons why your key might have reset/registered as new:

  • does your implementation call "_initializeNewKey"? This resets your key, and should not be used in any case unless you know what youre doing.
  • Did you change the storage layer? This makes it such the SDK think you're a new user.

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