tKey Service Provider config - why is a baseUrl required?

I am using the tKey SDK with a Custom verifier (JWT based with Auth0). In the docs, the initialization of the TorusServiceProvider requires customAuthArgs in which a baseUrl is required for a service worker. Why is this required? Because a user is already authenticated when we call triggerLogin() with their JWT, we don’t do any auth redirects (and we use ‘skipSw: true’, see code below). Is there something else this URL / service worker is doing where it is necessary at some point?

To be clear, the integration code below is working for the social login, I am just trying to solidify my understanding of the ServiceProvider configuration and service worker.

  const oidcLogin = async () => {
    if (!tKey) {
      console.log('tKey not initialized yet');
    // Initialization of Service Provider
    try {
      await (tKey.serviceProvider as any).init({ skipSw: true });
    } catch (error) {
    try {
      // Triggering Login using Service Provider
      const claims = await getIdTokenClaims();
      const idToken = claims?.__raw;
      const jwtParams = {
        id_token: idToken,
        verifierIdField: 'sub',
      const loginResponse = await (tKey.serviceProvider as any).triggerLogin({
        typeOfLogin: 'jwt',
        verifier: 'mural-auth0-tkey',
        clientId: CLIENT_ID,
        jwtParams: jwtParams,
    } catch (error) {
      console.error('got an error when calling triggerLogin: ', error);

In general, Web3Auth’s infra needs to validify your authentication method to get access to your users key. Which is why you need to call it with your initial login/auth0 params.

Service worker is just for caching, unless you’re encountering it somewhere else