Torus InitiateTopup Params not working

Has anyone been able to successfully populate the InitiateTopup Params in Torus?

await torusPlugin.initiateTopup(“wyre”, {
selectedAddress: acct,
selectedCurrency: “USD”, // Fiat currency
fiatValue: 400, // Fiat Value
selectedCryptoCurrency: “ETH”, // Cryptocurreny SOL, MATIC etc.
chainNetwork: “mainnet”, // Blockchain network

The only thing that works is selecting the right provider in this case wyre, however the fiatValue does nothing and the selectedCryptoCurrency never works because we do not have the list.

Anyone ever done anything like this? Really don’t want to have to build our own onramp.

@drewgonzales2021 Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

This issue has been resolved and a fix has been released. Could you kindly confirm if you are able to successfully pass the fiatValue?

@vjgee What’s the list of available cryptocurrencies? I had the same problem as @drewgonzales2021. I’m establishing a connection to the BSC but when I initiate a top-up to buy BUSD or BNB (first I change the network to “bsc_mainnet” because it says that in the docs), and I get an error saying that the selected cryptocurrency is not supported, but If i go manually to moonpay it allows me to buy BUSD so it has to be supported.

My code is the next one:

await torusPlugin.initiateTopup(“moonpay”, {
selectedAddress: address,
selectedCurrency: “EUR”,
fiatValue: 30,
selectedCryptoCurrency: “BUSD”,
chainNetwork: “bsc_mainnet”,

I guess it is something related to the network. Maybe something similar to this topic with the FIAT field and maybe it is not changing the network, therefore staying inside the Ethereum network and not changing to the BSC network.

If you can please take a look and maybe solve my issue

Thank you

Please refer to the below documentation for the supported currencies and format:

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