Torus OpenLogin LoginConfig for Social Logins doesn't allow me to remove twitter from modal


I was recently playing around with the OpenLogin LoginConfigs (Initialization | Documentation) and tried removing all social logins to only have Google and Email showing.

It worked great for all social to classify showOnModal = false. However, when I also did this for twitter, it didn’t change anything. The Twitter login always remained. Do you know if I need to change something else. I tried turning all configs for twitter to false but it still showed.

Let me know if you need more information.
Thanks guys!

Hi there could you provide more information about the sdk that you’re using?

Hi naveed,

Thanks for your response!

I stand corrected from my initial link to the documentation. It is actually about the Torus embed SDK. The issues seem to stem from @toruslabs/torus-embed where we are trying to specify the loginConfic argument in the init function. We are running "@toruslabs/torus-embed": "^1.36.5",

Let me know if you need more information.
Best C

Below how I am currently trying to implement it. Maybe you have a proposition how to differently do it:

        await torus.init({
          showTorusButton: false,
          loginConfig: {
            twitter: {
              name: 'twitter',
              typeOfLogin: 'twitter',
              showOnModal: false,
            facebook: {
              name: 'facebook',
              typeOfLogin: 'facebook',
              showOnModal: false,
            discord: {
              name: 'discord',
              typeOfLogin: 'discord',
              showOnModal: false,

          network: {
            host: networkConfigTorus(),

It works fine for all other social logins that I am trying to remove. Somehow only Twitter is resistant to being removed.

@naveed Do you have any recommendations for this? Still an issue

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