Torus Wallet Connector Plugin chat hide

I am using Torus Wallet Connector Plugin
on clicking the torus wallet icon, it also opens the chat icon at the bottom right corner. I want to hide that chat icon. How to do it?

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Check the discussion at:

Can anyone please answer this question quickly. It is an urgent requirement

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We haven't merge the fix yet. Sometimes it does come because of region based issues. Once it's merged devs can use param to show/hide it in the app. Thanks for your patience!

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Hey, sorry for delay in answering your query. I had few questions:

  1. Which chain are you working?
  2. If possible, Can you share you code snippet or the screenshot of the same.

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I'm having the same issue.

The chat icon is persistent and I can't find any way to hide it.

Any update of the progress here?


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