Trying to store pk share on android device local storage

Looks like there is a recent update on web3auth-core-kit-examples repo, and the codes in tkey-react-native-auth0-example is working now.

I tried to modify the codes by adding shares on the webstore.
I added the webStorageModule in tkey.ts and tried to read the share after tkey init like this:

await (tKey.modules.webStorage as any).inputShareFromWebStorage(); 

But I am getting this error:
LOG [WebStorageError: unableToReadFromStorageError inputShareFromWebStorage: Property ‘DOMException’ doesn’t exist and No requestFileSystem]

In general, if you want to store a share on the device’s local storage, which module should be used? (I was assuming web-storage based on the doc)

Is it possible to make custom module based on react-native-encrypted-storage?