Turn Off Random Logging

Hi, We see these logs in our console upon Web3Auth instantiation, yet logging is not enabled. How do they get disabled? Please add a param to disable them.

It looks like they’re coming from Openlogin. You can see them in the console here: https://celeste.openlogin.com/


    "@web3auth/base": "^4.6.0",
    "@web3auth/base-evm-adapter": "^4.6.0",
    "@web3auth/core": "^4.6.0",
    "@web3auth/metamask-adapter": "^4.6.0",
    "@web3auth/openlogin-adapter": "^4.6.0",

This issue was previously reported here:

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This is fixed now. Other prod environments like cyan, aqua, celeste were not honouring the log level set

Thanks for reporting


Thank you! Which release is it in?

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