Unable to login with custom JWT provider (iOS SDK)

Trying to perform custom login with JWT obtained from AWS Cognito and always get the following error:
"Unable to detect login share from the Auth Network..."

Tried all kinds of combinations setting redirect_uri, verifierIdField, client_id in the ExtraLoginOptions.
Same verifier works from the Web App example.
Please help.


Static.shared.web3Auth = await Web3Auth(
						clientId: clientId,
						network: network,
						loginConfig: [
							Web3AuthProvider.JWT.rawValue: .init(
								verifier: "savechain-testnet-cognito2",
								typeOfLogin: TypeOfLogin.jwt,
								name: "savechain-testnet-cognito2",
								clientId: clientId
let result = try await Static.shared.web3Auth?.login(
	W3ALoginParams(loginProvider: .JWT,
                                       extraLoginOptions: ExtraLoginOptions(display: nil, prompt: nil, max_age: nil, ui_locales: nil,
id_token_hint: nil, id_token: ID_TOKEN, login_hint: nil, acr_values: nil, scope: nil, audience: nil, connection: nil, domain: nil, 
client_id: nil, redirect_uri: nil, leeway: nil, verifierIdField: "username", isVerifierIdCaseSensitive: nil))


Originally posted by: nickblack1919

Check the discussion at: https://github.com/orgs/Web3Auth/discussions/1354