Unity SDK Bugs

We're using the unity sdk

  • We get this screen sometimes when logging in the mobile unity based game. We recently switched to web3auth production env (aka Cyan) and haven't seen this yet. But we're testing.


  • apple login failing for whatever reason - shows us a web3auth error page
  • Facebook login failed. api error msg:

Argument email for data.email is missing.\n","stack":"Error: Argument email for data.email is missing.

This means facebook isn’t returning the email.

  • one of our engineers got this when trying to login with google, and when he clicks the button "redirect to app" it goes nowhere.


  • doesnt use the saved google accounts i have on my mobile device but other games and apps on my phone bring up my saved google accounts to make it easy to sign in:


  • we would love introductions to other companies using the unity SDK so we can share notes and integration tips
  • we're looking forward to refresh tokens. Would this be available early January as well for the unity SDK?
  • how do we add our logo into the web3auth login screen?

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Check the discussion at: https://github.com/orgs/Web3Auth/discussions/1125

Regarding facebook oauth, can we change perms via the sdk to request for their email as well without setting up our own custom auth?

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also received this error while trying to auth using apple ID

also fwiw sometimes when I hard restart the app, then try loggin in web3auth will then work. not sure why that is

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