Updating the email address for an account

Users chance email addresses sometimes, they forget passwords, backup emails for email accounts etc. The ability to update the email of a specific account is very important, is there a way to do so using custom Auth?

If you use Web3Auth with Customauth, it is possible by keeping the user’s uniqueID consistent. However, I will need to check with our Dev team on this and get back with an update tomorrow.

Thanks @vjgee if the Dev team could provide specifics on how to implement this that would be great. We are currently using the plug and play version but can switch over to customauth to implement this.

@vjgee any update on this?

I do not have an update yet but will get back to you once I hear from our team.

Our team updated that you can choose a proxy provider like auth0, coginto, firebase, okta etc. and use userid from that as unique identifier instead of email address