Using web3auth and try to connect to Metamask, wagmi only is available to get the chainId set in the web3auth

Current behavior

I use Web3auth and try to connect to the app with Metamask through Web3auth modal and my wallet is in Mumbai network and the web3auth is set to Goerli and I have this code to get the chainId

import { useAccount, useChainId, useSwitchNetwork } from 'wagmi'

const { address, isConnected, isConnecting, isReconnecting, connector } = useAccount()
const chainId = useChainId()

useEffect(() => {
    if (chainId && chainId !== acceptedChainId) {
  }, [chainId, isConnecting])

However when I connect to Metamask I get always the chainId set in the web3auth chain config but not the current one from Metamask then I don’t see how can I ask to the user to switch the network from the wallet

@francisco1 Welcome Aboard!

Your issue has been forwarded to our Dev team and we will get back with further updates.

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