Verifier not getting live

I have created verifier from Custom Auth. It’s taking long time to get live.

Hey @chintan.p

Which web3auth network is this? Also, please share the name of your verifier.

It’s testnet. My Verifier Name is Biblo-Auth-Verifier

@shahbaz I have created one more verifier Bandr-Auth-Verifier . would you please make it live? Thanks.

Hey @chintan.p

Both of your verifier is live now. Let me know if you don’t see that.

Bandr-Auth-Verifier is still not active

Can you hard refresh the page?

It’s live now. Thanks for the quick response

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Hi @shahbaz ,

I have added one more verifier 1 hours back. still not getting verified.

Verifier Name : Biblo-Verifier_1

can u please verify it and make it live?

Testnet verifiers don’t need approval. It will be live in 10-20 mins. Once live, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Web3Auth.

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