We are getting unable to detect login share from auth network

When we are trying to login using twitter or twitch using custom auth flow(Auth 0), we are getting this error.

We are able to login for other login sources. But facing issues only with twitter and twitch.
Integration code snippet is as below:

const init = async () => {
      try {
        const web3auth = new Web3AuthNoModal({
          clientId, // get from https://dashboard.web3auth.io
          chainConfig: {
            chainNamespace: CHAIN_NAMESPACES.EIP155,
            chainId: "0x1",
          web3AuthNetwork: web3AuthNetworkType, //block chain to be used for testing, use mainnet in production env.
          useCoreKitKey: false,

        const openLoginAdapter = new OpenloginAdapter({
          adapterSettings: {
            uxMode: "popup", // popup, redirect
            loginConfig: {
              jwt: {
                verifier: pwdVerifier,
                typeOfLogin: pwdVerifierTypeOfLogin,
                clientId: pwdVerifierClientId, // using reflekt auth0 account id
        await web3auth.init();
      } catch (error: any) {


const web3authProvider: any = await web3auth?.connectTo("openlogin", {
      loginProvider: "jwt",
      extraLoginOptions: {
        domain: emailPwdDomain, // using reflekt auth0 account id
        // this corresponds to the field inside jwt which must be used to uniquely
        // identify the user. This is mapped b/w google and email password less logins of Auth0
        verifierIdField: "sub",
        isVerifierIdCaseSensitive: true,

Please check and let us know.

Hey @muthukrishnan.t

Kindly share your verifier name here. Also, it looks like the email used for login is not verified. Please verify the email at the Auth0 end. You must have received an email from Auth0.

Hi @shahbaz reflekt is our verifier name. Will check the email verification from Auth0

Thanks for sharing the verifier name.

Once the email is verified, the issue will be fixed.

Auth0 account email also verified. We are not using email passwordless. We are trying to login with Twitter and twitch. Still we are getting this error. Google, Facebook, discord are working fine.

Please guide us how to fix this.

For twitch login using Auth0 We are getting this error

Can you share the console log of this page?

For Twitch Login we get this error in console

For twitter we are getting this error in console

Please share the id_token (JWT) for both the login.

During login only we are getting this error. We couldn’t able to get the token

We are not generating id token and passing to web3Auth, we created verifier using auth0 and integrated with web3Auth

Hello @muthukrishnan.t,

I was wondering why you decided to have email_verified: true for all login options in your verifier. Not all users may have verified their email, which could potentially cause issues.

I suggest considering creating a new verifier without the email_verified requirement.

And most of the issues you’re facing are due to that.

Hello @shahbaz i will check and update you on this

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