We have migrated from GitHub Discussions to Web3Auth Community Forum

Hello builders,

We are delighted to announce that we have moved to our own native community forum (https://community.web3auth.io/) to offer you better support.

Why did we decide to move to a dedicated forum?

  • We felt the search capability on GitHub Discussion needed to be far more accurate. More often than not, it would lead to topic duplication, which takes away precious time to have to search again. Discourse eliminates this redundancy for users.
  • While creating an issue or a discussion, GitHub would not prompt similar topics automatically, which Discourse will.
  • It was only a mere forum, and with limited data on how our community members engaged with us. Our aim is to provide superior community support via Discourse, with options to create on-priority support requests.
  • Our UI/UX team has put in plenty of effort into ensuring that our members retain a similar experience while navigating through the community platform.

What will happen to old discussions?

  • We have imported and migrated all the GitHub discussions with their comments onto Discourse under [GitHub Legacy Category]
  • We will continue to respond to the older discussions, so others with similar issues can see that.
  • We halted posting newer discussions on the old forum.

A detailed blog on why we switched to Discourse is going to be out soon. Watch the space to know more.

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