Web3 auth logs out

On our Xade app everytime user tries to login using web3auth and then on refreshing the user gets automatically loggedout, could you help us with this issue?

Link :-https://shardeum.app.xade.finance/

Originally posted by: harshshaw

Check the discussion at: https://github.com/orgs/Web3Auth/discussions/1206

Please share your web3auth specific code snippets for us to debug.

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The snippets for our web3auth code can be found here

Originally posted by: xade-finance

Hello, I was having this same error.

Update to the latest versions of the libraries that I am using, from what I saw, you are using very old versions. You may have to refactor your code for these new versions to work.

"@web3auth/phantom-adapter": "^4.2.2",
     "@web3auth/torus-solana-adapter": "^4.2.2",
     "@web3auth/base": "^4.2.2",
     "@web3auth/core": "^4.2.2",
     "@web3auth/openlogin-adapter": "^4.2.2",
     "@web3auth/solana-provider": "^4.2.2",

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