Web3auth Flutter Integration issue

Hi guys , while trying to implement web3auth according to the documentation provided i am getting this error although this was working fine earlier this morning my flutter version is 3.0.0 and the dart SDK version is mentioned in the screenshot

@amritesh Welcome Aboard!

Thanks for your continued patience.

Could you take a look at our Integration Builder:

Do ensure you are on the latest Web3Auth version as well.

@amritesh Which Web3auth flutter sdk version are you running? Also did you add some new library or something as you said previously it was working for you. Add “android.enableJetifier=true” in gradle.properties file. Also check build.gradle throughly for duplicate dependencies.

Issue resolved it was related to deep linking
with the intent filters
my flutter version is 3.0.0

Hey @amritesh, have you resolved the issue? If not, could you please share the error message or a screenshot of the error?

“At times, I am successfully able to login; however, on other occasions, an error message is presented. Upon tapping the ‘redirect to app’ option, the URL reloads but fails to function.”

Hi @amritesh,

I was wondering if you could share your initialization code that deals with the redirectUrl? It would be really helpful.

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