Web3Auth IOS Safari refresh issue

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  • SDK Version: 5.2.0(react)
  • Platform: IOS(mobile)
  • Browser Console Screenshots:
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    • Verifier Name:
    • JWKS Endpoint:
    • Sample idToken(JWT)

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Please kindly check below link that we already asked to your team for the refresh issue in Safari brower.

Your prompt reply will be appreciated.

Hey @service1

Would you be able to attempt to replicate the issue using this example?

I am not unable to reproduce.

In iOS Safari, thatexample can be implemented by pulling and refreshing more times.

@shahbaz FYI, in Chrome, there is no issue even if we refresh alot. However, only with safari browser in iOS, after refresh there is issue not keeping login session regardless of refresh times. And also, during test from the safari using iPhone, the session was suddenly logout.
So, please kindly check this issue with safari enviroment.