What happens if we don't log out users from web3auth?

What happens if we don’t log out users from web3auth?
If we manually clear the private key from shared preferences, is there any risk to the user’s account if another user logs in to that device or any other risk with keeping the session open?

How long does the session live be default and what does a session being live mean? I can’t find this on the docs.

@maseh User data will be there in db till you don’t call logout.

There is no risk to user account after clearing private key from shared preferences. Session remains open till the threshold value which is by default 1 day.

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Amazing, but what does an open session mean exactly? What extra privileges are afforded during an open session?

Session management means user doesn’t hv to login again if login expires. Dapp can call initialize() function to get keys and user details.