When after login, why idToken of getUserInfo() is empty since 2023-08-24?

Please provide the Web3Auth initialization and login code snippet below:

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@chenglin.han Welcome Aboard!

Your issue has been forwarded to our team and we will get back to you with further updates once more information becomes available.

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Thank you very much.
We have a service that we are using testnet as production and would like to resolve the issue as soon as possible if possible.

I would like to have the bug fixed until Monday.

@vjgee There seems to be a problem since 8/23, because the service is not available, can solve it today? I would like to explain this to the customer as soon as possible.

I had the same issue, was using “@web3auth/base”: “^5.2.0”, for react.
After updating web3auth libraries to the latest version, it returns the idToken again.

Note, that it seems that the social login url has change (the docs does not seem to be updated).
It used to be api.openlogin.com and now it’s https://api-auth.web3auth.io


@tomas Thank you for your information.
I up to latest version, I got idToken too.
We will consider whether the latest version should be

web3auth has been upgraded to version 6.1.7 in my app and is now worked.
The fix period for web3auth was slow, so it was unavailable for less than a week.