Whitelable config is not working

I config WhiteLabelData for my app by using this setting

whiteLabel = WhiteLabelData(
    name = "App Demo",
    logoLight = "https://community/images.web3auth.io/web3auth-logo-w.svg",
    logoDark = "https://community/images.web3auth.io/web3auth-logo-w.svg",
    defaultLanguage = "en",
    dark = true,
    theme = hashMapOf(
        "primary" to "#229954"

But only dark/light config was applied. other things still didn’t change.
I’m getting the latest code from here: GitHub - Web3Auth/web3auth-android-sdk: Java/Kotlin seamless logins

Hey @steve

What options are you looking to apply and see?

Note: If you’re using custom authentication, you’ll see the theme and other configs applied. Try out this example with your configs.

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