If web3auth were to shut down, what would be the process for users to recover their private keys?

Hi everyone, I was curious about the following:

Are there any established procedures or recommended steps to ensure the security of crypto assets in the event of a web3auth shutdown?

Thanks in advance :blush:

Hey there,

Whilst we hope that a w3a shutdown never happens, we take the matter very seriously. There are several tiers of fallbacks here.

First off w3aโ€™s infrastructure is and can be operated by other entities, our mainnet is run by large ecosystem stakeholders like Binance, Ethereum Name Service, Etherscan, Polygon (MATIC), alongside ourselves. Next, thereโ€™s a contingency plan to operate or allow migration in the case w3a does go down which allows app developers to run this themselves. Lastly and most importantly users can always export their key pairs into different wallets and we can easily push them to doing so.

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