[IMP!] Web3Auth v5 sunset date

Please note that Web3Auth (modal, no-modal, sfa-web) v5 and TorusWallet v1 will be sunset by the end of October. Google Chrome v116 update might cause issues along with v5 and the fixes for the same are released with v6 and v7. We recommend the users to upgrade to the latest version i.e. web v7. Additionally, please note that the end-of-life for v6 is scheduled to be 31st December 2023,

Hi, how do I know if I’m on web3Auth v5 based off the sdk I’m using?

For example, I’m using the flutter sdk, version 1.3.0. I can’t upgrade because of compatibility issues with other packages. How do I know if I’m on web3Auth v5??

@maseh Made an edit, I meant the web SDKs. I would request you to be on the latest SDKs for other platforms, the latest version for Flutter is in the works. Please keep an eye for it.

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