Improving the reliability of Web3Auth in our app

Hi! We’re using the “@toruslabs/openlogin”: “^3.2.1” package in our application to generate a signing key for our users.
We initialize it with the following code:

    openLogin = new OpenLogin({
      clientId: Environment.openLoginClientId,
      network: "mainnet",
      uxMode: "popup"
    await openLogin.init();

and then use it e.g. with google like that:

              const privateKey = await openLogin.login({
                loginProvider: "google",
                extraLoginOptions: {
                  prompt: "select_account",
                  display: "touch",

              const userInfo = await openLogin.getUserInfo();
              return {
                privateKey: privateKey.privKey,
                userInfo: userInfo,

Generally this works fine but often times our staff and users report that they cannot log-in and get stuck in the OpenLogin popup with various error messages (I posted some screenshots of this in "unable to detect login share" error on Plug n Play - #13 by circleslandnow

In the linked thread it was suggested that this code might be deprecated but I couldn’t find any announcement suggesting that. We also already upgraded to version 4.7.0 of the library but it made no difference for the errors we’re experiencing.

My actual question is: How can we make sure that we don’t experience the errors in the linked thread in the future? If they’re not avoidable, how can we at least monitor the situation so that we can warn our field staff in advance that the login is flaky at the moment? Any help with this is appreciated.

If you need further information to debug the issue, please let me know. But keep in mind that I mostly just get the screenshots of the devices as error report and that it’s hard for us to reproduce the error in our development environment.

@circleslandnow Thanks for your recent communication.

I have forwarded your issue to our team and will get back with further updates.

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I think you might be experiencing issues due to our mainnet migration: "Mainnet" Network Migration scheduled for 23rd July 2023

Pls bear with us during this period. Once the migration is complete next sunday, all such issues will be resolved.

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