[ReactNative Plug&Play] Could not validate redirect on mainnet

I am using web3auth on my RN app, it worked well with testnet.

But today when I switch to a mainnet verifier, I cannot login google/apple, it says: “could not validate redirect url…” even though I have added a whitelist url same to both verifier, please help me to check why login not works

Testnet Web3auth ClientID: BINpU2pCt—Zc1vvlS0XpgI2RmU4Lq4Nm1rYU0WJDxbdy_1DNL7ZuwRamB-iPb_okeEZmeroE5qpPZKmozwuzg

Mainnet Web3auth ClientID: BGS_eaBbd32tBeyWv_Hxzl67ABrWgjqDPJV-xVSs3ox6Ho6WnE5fCwOnOg4pat4zTsjwc4XDyEEc4HyrGzXRcxo

@cuongnguyen Thanks for reaching out.

Are you on the latest SDK version and ensure the Web3Auth Libraries are on the latest version?

yes, I am using @web3auth/react-native-sdk v4.0.0

Have you checked if the status of this Verifier on Mainnet is Live on your Dashboard?

Hi, thanks for supporting me

I created a new project and set network is Aqua mainnet and it works.

But in login flow sometimes it redirect me to this screen, could you support me how to “skip” that, I mean I dont want this screen appears and user login success right after they choose Google account. Thank you.

If you need to customize when mfa screen should be shown to the user, you can set the parameter mfalevel to none to skip it.

I’ll paste the code snippet below:

const state = await web3auth.login({
  loginProvider: LoginProvider.GOOGLE,
  redirectUrl: resolvedRedirectUrl,

You may refer to the below documentation for more information: