Updating Verifier Endpoint in Web3Auth

Hello Web3Auth community,
I’m trying to understand the flexibility we have with our current setup. Specifically, we recently created new verifiers for our big launch, so no need to change the JWKS endpoint. However, I want to confirm whether it’s possible to update a verifier endpoint in the future if needed.
Thank you!

@ben1 Only the creator of the verifier can edit it. If you are the owner then you can edit, or else you need to contact the owner who created the verifier to edit it. You may refer to the below documentation:

@ben1 Our team are working to revamp the UI and you will have this feature tentatively by the end of this month.

@ben1 Thanks for your continued patience.

Our team confirmed that you will not be able to edit the endpoint URL once you have deployed your project but only change the content of the associated endpoint URL.

We do have an enchanced Dashboard UI that you can check Developer Dashboard: A Look at the Recent Enhancements