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Roles and Permissions

You must have the required access permissions to perform any actions on the Web3Auth dashboard, such as collaborating on a project or adjusting your organization's billing settings. These permissions determine what you can and cannot do on the platform, such as editing project settings or accessing billing information. To manage these permissions, you can assign roles to organization members. A role is a predefined set of permissions assigned to one or more users. By assigning the appropriate roles to organization members, you can ensure they have the necessary access to perform their tasks effectively while maintaining security and control over your Web3Auth projects.

Organization Roles

In your organization, there are four different roles: Owner, Admin, Member, and Billing.

  • Owner: The owner can add new members, edit settings, or delete the organization. If you create an account, you automatically become the owner, and ownership can be transferable. There can only be one owner at a time.

  • Admin: Admins can create, edit, and move projects and settings in the organization but cannot delete the organization.

  • Member: Members can only view projects and do not have permission to edit any projects or settings.

  • Billing: The Billing role is responsible for managing the billing settings of your organization, and there can only be one billing role at a time.

Member Roles

Organization Permissions

View organization projectsYesYesYesYes
Edit organization projects/verifiers and settingsYesYesNoNo
Edit organization verifiersOnly the creator of the verifier can edit it
Invite or remove membersYesYesNoNo
Move personal projects/verifiers into organizationYesYesNoNo
Delete OrganizationYesNoNoNo
Manage Organization’s BillingYesNoNoYes
Transfer Organization ownershipYesNoNoNo

Invite members to your organization

To invite someone to your organization, you must be the owner of the organization. To do so, click on Settings on the sidebar menu and then select the Members tab. From this screen, you'll be able to see the list of members in your organization. To invite someone, click on the Add Member button and enter their email address along with their the role you want to assign them.

If the person you're inviting is already a user of Web3Auth, they'll receive an email with a link to join your organization. If they're not a user, they'll receive an email with a link to create an account and join your organization.

Add Member to Organization
Member Roles
Invite Sent

View invitations

To view the invitations you've sent, click on Settings on the sidebar menu and then select the Members tab. Besides Add Member button, you'll see a dropdown menu with Members and Invitations. Click on the Invitations to view the invitations you've sent.

View Invites
Invite Member List

Invitation options

To view the options for an invitation, click on the three dots (…) next to the invitation. From here, you can resend the invitation, delete the invitation, or copy the invitation link.

Invite Member Options
Delete Invitation

Seats and billing

Web3Auth's base plan is available only for individuals. If you are a team of 2 or more, you will need to upgrade to growth plan and above.

  • The Web3Auth dashboard allows you to easily add new members to your organization. To add members, follow the steps outlined in #invite-members-to-your-organization

  • Once you have added a member to your organization, they will receive an email inviting them to join. They will need to log in to the Web3Auth dashboard using their existing account or create a new account to accept the invitation.

  • It's important to note that there is a five-minute link expiry for the invitation email. If the link expires, the member will need to request a new invitation. See #invitation-options to manage invitations.

  • After accepting the invitation, the new member will have access to the Web3Auth dashboard with the permissions assigned to their role. It's important to review and manage these permissions to ensure that team members have the appropriate level of access.

  • If a member's role requires approval from another member, they will receive an email asking for approval before they can access the dashboard. It's important to keep track of pending invitations and approvals to ensure that team members can access the dashboard as needed.

  • Lastly, it's important to keep track of your team's seats and billing. Each team member requires a seat, and you may need to adjust your billing settings if you exceed your plan's limits. You can view and manage your team's billing information in the Billing section of the dashboard.