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Web3Auth Core Kit

'tKey' is an abbreviation for Threshold Key, which is responsible for the management of wallet shares produced using threshold cryptography. The tKey SDK manages wallets by generating shares via Shamir's Secret Sharing scheme.

In a typical 2 out of 3 (2/3) setup, the user is provided with three shares: ShareA, ShareB, and ShareC.

  • ShareA is managed and divided across Web3Auth's Auth Network and can be accessed through an OAuth login provider owned by the user, like their Google account.
  • ShareB is stored on the user's device. The method of storage is specific to the device and system. For instance, on mobile devices, the share could be stored in device storage that's secured with biometrics.
  • ShareC serves as a recovery share. It's an extra share that the user can keep on a separate device, download, or base on user input with sufficient entropy. This could include a password, security questions, or a hardware device, among other options.
Web3Auth's Private Key - Key Reconstruction

Like existing 2FA systems, users must prove ownership of at least 2 out of 3 (2/3) shares to retrieve their private key.