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Plug and Play Embedded Wallet SDKs

Web3Auth's Plug and Play (PnP) SDKs are engineered to redefine the key management integration for wallets and dApps, focusing on efficiency, user convenience, and security. These SDKs are not just tools for facilitating blockchain transactions but are embedded wallet solutions designed to merge seamlessly into your application, offering a robust framework for user authentication and wallet management.

The PnP Integration is generally a 10-minute integration process and is designed to be a non-custodial solution by default. It offers a predefined UI/UX flow, with full white-labeling options, and is available for all major platforms. This helps you to focus on your core product, while we take care of the wallet management and user authentication.

Key Features

  • Ease of Integration: Simplify your project's blockchain functionality integration with minimal setup effort, offering a plug-and-play solution.

  • Non-Custodial: Prioritize user privacy and control with secure, non-custodial wallets by default. These wallets are managed by an MPC wallet management system, ensuring the highest level of security.

  • Versatile Sign-in Options & Passwordless Registration: Offer users a wide range of sign-in methods, including OAuth providers like Google, Twitter, GitHub, and passwordless registrations including SMS, Passkeys and more. You can even choose to extend your own authentication system to Web3Auth, enhancing the user sign-in experience.

  • Predefined UX/UI Flows: Benefit from ready-made UI/UX designs with full white-labeling capabilities for seamless brand integration.

  • Effortless Wallet Recovery: Implement multiple-factor authentication methods for reliable wallet recovery, giving users peace of mind regarding their assets' safety.

  • Wallet Aggregator: Enable users to choose their preferred authentication method from various wallet options, including social logins.

  • Platform Compatibility: Ensure your application's accessibility across a wide audience base with support for Web, iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter, Unity, and Unreal.

Web3Auth's Plug and Play SDKs present a robust solution for developers aiming to incorporate embedded wallets with a focus on security, user experience, and ease of integration. Through its MPC-based key management and customizable features, it establishes a new standard for dApp development.

Web3Auth Plug and Play Web SDKs

Plug and Play Web SDKs

Designed to provide seamless and straightforward integration for web applications across all major browsers and javascript frameworks.

Web3Auth Plug and Play Mobile SDKs

Plug and Play Mobile SDKs

Designed for mobile developers, these SDKs ensure a secure wallet integration experience across various mobile platforms, enhancing user engagement and security.

Web3Auth Plug and Play Gaming SDKs

Plug and Play Gaming SDKs

Seamlessly authenticate users into your Web3 games with their socials using Web3Auth Gaming SDKs.