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Web3Auth for Gaming

Web3Auth recognizes the unique needs of the gaming industry and offers tailored solutions through its Plug and Play SDKs, specifically designed for game developers working with Unity and Unreal engines. These native SDKs ensure seamless integration of Web3Auth's authentication and wallet services, providing gamers with a secure and user-friendly experience without leaving the gaming environment.

Key Features of Web3Auth's Gaming SDKs

  • Seamless Integration: Designed for ease of use, the native SDKs for Unity and Unreal allow for straightforward integration of Web3Auth's services into gaming projects, ensuring developers can focus on creating immersive gaming experiences.
  • Comprehensive Authentication and Wallet Services: Web3Auth's SDKs come equipped with full support for its authentication and wallet services, enabling gamers to securely manage their identities and transactions within the game.
  • Enhanced Gaming Experience: By integrating Web3Auth directly into games, developers can offer players a more cohesive and integrated experience, from secure login mechanisms to in-game purchases and asset management.

Advantages for Game Developers

  • Native Support for Leading Game Engines: With dedicated SDKs for Unity and Unreal, Web3Auth caters to a significant portion of the game development market, providing tools that are both accessible and powerful.
  • Streamlined User Onboarding: Web3Auth's solutions simplify the onboarding process, allowing players to quickly and securely access games without cumbersome authentication barriers, enhancing player retention and satisfaction.
  • Secure In-Game Transactions: The integration of Web3Auth's wallet services within games facilitates secure, seamless transactions, enabling features like in-game purchases, NFTs, and token rewards without compromising on security.

Web3Auth's commitment to the gaming industry is evident in its provision of specialized SDKs for Unity and Unreal, making it easier for game developers to incorporate Web3 technologies into their titles. This approach not only elevates the gaming experience but also paves the way for a new era of secure, blockchain-enabled gaming ecosystems.

Web3Auth Plug and Play Gaming SDKs

Plug and Play Gaming SDKs

Seamlessly authenticate users into your Web3 games with their socials using Web3Auth Gaming SDKs.

Ludex Gaming SDK

Ludex has partnered with Web3Auth to provide web3 solutions for video game developers, facilitating the easy integration of blockchain smart contracts into games using conventional SDKs and APIs. With the foundation of Web3Auth, game developers can construct a full-fledged web3 game without delving into the nuances of blockchain technology. Ludex offers a wallet connection integration using Web3Auth for Unity WebGL, Mobile and PC. The Unity SDKs also include Fungible Token & Non-Fungible Token integration.


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