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Native Mobile SDKs

Web3Auth is dedicated to providing a seamless mobile experience, emphasizing a mobile-first approach across all the products. Recognizing the importance of native performance and security, Web3Auth supports a wide range of mobile platforms and technologies, ensuring developers have the tools they need to integrate Web3 authentication and wallet services smoothly into their mobile applications.

Supported Platforms and Technologies

Web3Auth extends comprehensive support to Android, iOS, React Native, and Flutter, enabling developers to deploy native applications with full Web3Auth functionality. Additionally, the use of rust-based libraries underpins the SDKs, ensuring high performance and native integration within mobile apps.

Key Features:

  • Session Management & Wallet Services: Operate natively within mobile applications, providing users with a seamless experience for managing their digital identities and assets.
  • Secure Key Share Storage: Utilizes the secure storage options available on mobile devices, such as Android Encrypted Shared Preferences and iOS Keychain Services, to safely manage key shares and enhance overall security.
  • Deep Linking Support: Acknowledging the critical role of deep linking in mobile apps, Web3Auth offers guidance and best practices for implementing deep linking effectively.

For more detailed insights into deep linking with Web3Auth, explore our blog and best practices.

Emphasizing Mobile-First Development

Web3Auth's emphasis on mobile-first development ensures that applications leveraging its SDKs can offer their users a native, secure, and user-friendly experience. By accommodating a wide range of mobile platforms and focusing on key mobile-specific features and security measures, Web3Auth positions itself as a leader in facilitating the integration of Web3 technologies into the mobile ecosystem.

Integration with Mobile Platforms

Web3Auth's SDKs are designed to integrate smoothly with a variety of mobile development platforms, ensuring developers can leverage Web3Auth features regardless of their chosen framework.

Plug and Play Mobile SDKs

Plug and Play Mobile SDKs

Designed for mobile developers, these SDKs ensure a secure wallet integration experience across various mobile platforms, enhancing user engagement and security.

Core Kit SFA Mobile SDKs

Core Kit SFA Mobile SDKs

Integrate Web3Auth's key management libraries directly within the app, ensuring a native and user-friendly experience across various mobile platforms.

Core Kit MFA Mobile SDKs

Core Kit MFA Mobile SDKs

Native integration with end to end wallet management tools embedded within the application.