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Passkeys are an innovative feature that offers a convenient, secure, and passwordless authentication method, enhancing the user experience while maintaining robust security. Leveraging the WebAuthn standard, passkeys eliminate the need for traditional passwords, making the authentication process seamless and user-friendly. Web3Auth supports passkeys through its Single Factor Auth (SFA) Web SDK, providing a smooth integration for developers.

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Key Benefits of Passkeys


  • Passwordless Login: Users can authenticate without the need for passwords, reducing friction and improving the overall user experience.
  • Biometric Authentication: Passkeys support biometric methods such as fingerprint or facial recognition, offering a quick and secure way to log in.


  • Phishing Resistant: Passkeys are inherently phishing-resistant, as they use public-key cryptography and are bound to the origin they were created for, making it difficult for attackers to intercept or misuse them.
  • Strong Authentication: Passkeys provide a strong form of authentication, leveraging the security features of the user's device.

Seamless Integration

  • Web3Auth SFA SDK Compatibility: The Passkeys SFA Plugin integrates seamlessly with Web3Auth Single Factor Auth (SFA) Web SDK, enabling easy implementation of passkey registration, login, and management functionalities.
Web3Auth SFA SDK Compatibility

For now, passkeys support is available for the Web3Auth Single Factor Auth (SFA) Web SDK through the Passkeys SFA Plugin package. Support for additional SDKs is coming soon.

Learn More

For detailed documentation and implementation guides, please refer to the Passkeys SFA Plugin Documentation.