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User Management

Web3Auth emphasizes user privacy and data integrity, ensuring that private user data obtained through OAuth logins is not stored. Instead, this information is relayed directly to the decentralized application (dApp), allowing developers to use it as needed. The information retained by Web3Auth's nodes are strictly limited to what developers specify on the Web3Auth dashboard, aligning with Web3Auth's commitment to user privacy and developer autonomy.

Developer Dashboard: A Comprehensive Tool

The Web3Auth Developer Dashboard is a powerful tool designed to provide developers with a complete overview of their Web3Auth integration. It encapsulates a wide range of functionalities and insights, making it an essential component for effective user management and application development.


Learn how to set up the Web3Auth Dashboard.

Key Features of the Web3Auth Dashboard:

  • Project Overview: Gain insights into your projects, including setup details, configurations, and active verifiers.
  • Verifier Management: Manage your OAuth verifiers, ensuring seamless integration with various authentication providers.
  • Billing Information: Access billing details, enabling clear visibility into usage costs and plan subscriptions.
  • Team Management: Configure your development team, facilitating easier collaboration and project management.

Enhancing Collaboration and Development

Collaboration is pivotal in the development of successful applications. The Web3Auth Dashboard fosters a collaborative environment by allowing developers to:

  • Track Application Usage: Monitor Monthly Active Wallet Usage (MAWs) and total SMS login usage, providing a clear understanding of how users interact with your application.
  • Manage Billing and Usage: Receive detailed reports on plan usage, with accurate billing information provided at the end of each month.
  • Improve with Insights: Utilize the dashboard's analytics and reporting features to refine your application, based on actual usage data and user interaction patterns.

Custom User Management

As a valuable extension of Web3Auth's user management capabilities, the getUserInfo provides access to the user data fetched from the idToken, including the public address/ public key of the user, email addresses (where available), and other information shared during the OAuth process or wallet connection. This enables developers to:

  • Implement Custom Tracking: Tailor your application’s tracking mechanisms to monitor user interactions, behaviors, and preferences more effectively.
  • Personalize the User Experience: Use the detailed user data to customize and improve the overall user experience, from UI/UX adjustments to personalized content and notifications.
  • Refine User Segmentation: Enhance your marketing and communication strategies by leveraging user information to segment your audience accurately and deliver targeted messages.