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Integrate Rainbow Kit with Web3Auth PnP SDK for Authentication

rainbowkitauthenticationpnpwagmiWeb3Auth Team | March 13, 2024

Merging RainbowKit with Web3Auth PnP (Plug and Play) SDK enables decentralized application (dApp) developers to leverage Web3Auth's streamlined authentication processes alongside RainbowKit's user-friendly wallet management interface. This integration utilizes Web3Auth's @web3auth/web3auth-wagmi-connector to bridge RainbowKit with Web3Auth, facilitating a secure and efficient authentication mechanism for users.

Full examples in PnP SDK

Full Modal example:

Full No-Modal example:



  • For Web Apps: A basic knowledge of JavaScript is required to use Web3Auth SDK.

  • For Mobile Apps: For the Web3Auth Mobile SDKs, you have a choice between iOS, Android, React Native & Flutter. Please refer to the Web3Auth SDK Reference for more information.

  • Create a Web3Auth account on the Web3Auth Dashboard

How to set up Web3Auth Dashboard

If you haven't already, sign up on the Web3Auth platform. It is free and gives you access to the Web3Auth's base plan. After the basic setup, explore other features and functionalities offered by the Web3Auth Dashboard. It includes custom verifiers, whitelabeling, analytics, and more. Head to Web3Auth's documentation page for detailed instructions on setting up the Web3Auth Dashboard.

Rainbow + Web3Auth Connector

Using rainbow kit with web3auth is very straightforward. You will need to create a connector that will connect the rainbow kit with web3auth. This connector will be used in the wagmi provider.

You will need to use mainly 8 libraries in this project: @web3auth/web3auth-wagmi-connector, @rainbow-me/rainbowkit and @web3auth/modal or @web3auth/no-modal. Also we would need in the project @web3auth/base, "@web3auth/ethereum-provider", viem, wagmi and @web3auth/openlogin-adapter.

To install them, run:

npm install @web3auth/web3auth-wagmi-connector @rainbow-me/rainbowkit @web3auth/modal @web3auth/base @web3auth/ethereum-provider @web3auth/openlogin-adapter

* you can replace modal with no-modal

The rainbow connector is the key that connect rainbowkit with web3auth. So in this file you will be exporting the connector with the web3auth instance on it.

import { Web3AuthConnector } from "@web3auth/web3auth-wagmi-connector";


const web3AuthInstance = new Web3Auth({
... // all the config you need

export const rainbowWeb3AuthConnector = (): Wallet => ({
id: "web3auth",
name: "web3auth",
rdns: "web3auth",
iconUrl: "",
iconBackground: "#fff",
installed: true,
downloadUrls: {},
createConnector: (walletDetails: WalletDetailsParams) =>
createWagmiConnector((config) => ({

Implementing Chains and Providers

To ensure that your dApp supports various blockchain networks, you'll need to import and configure the chains you intend to use, such as Ethereum's Mainnet, Polygon, or others. This step is crucial for setting up the environment for transactions and interactions with the blockchain.


import { sepolia, mainnet, polygon } from "wagmi/chains";


const config = getDefaultConfig({
appName: 'My RainbowKit App Name',
projectId: '<code>',
chains: [mainnet, sepolia, polygon],
transports: {
[]: http(),
[]: http(),
[]: http(),
wallets: [{
groupName: 'Recommended',
wallets: [

Integrating with the UI

In the initial react screen you will need to create the wagmi provider with the QueryClientProvider and the RainbowKitProvider inside.

The final step involves integrating the RainbowKitProvider and ConnectButton into your application's UI. This is typically done at the root level of your application to ensure that the wallet connection functionality is accessible throughout the dApp. The WagmiProvider and QueryClientProvider wrap around the RainbowKit components, establishing the necessary context for managing blockchain interactions and state.

<WagmiProvider config={config}>
<QueryClientProvider client={queryClient}>
<ConnectButton />



If you're using RainbowKit in your dApp, integrating Web3Auth is incredibly straightforward and enhances your application's user experience significantly. The seamless integration process means that you can provide your users with a more secure and efficient authentication mechanism without compromising on the user-friendly interface that RainbowKit offers.

RainbowKit, known for its ease of wallet management, when combined with Web3Auth's authentication solutions, essentially offers the best of both worlds. Web3Auth, with its Plug and Play (PnP) SDK, simplifies the complex authentication processes often associated with decentralized applications. This means that even developers with a basic understanding of JavaScript can integrate sophisticated authentication mechanisms into their dApps.