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Web3Auth Wallet Ecosystems

Wallet Ecosystems are flagship integrations of Web3Auth from established Web3 communities, which are available for seamless integrations within your own application. This innovative platform leverages the Web3Auth infrastructure for efficient key management while offering developers a straightforward and user-friendly interface, to quickly integrate complex features of Web3Auth within seconds while getting access to the user base of existing communities. This integration facilitates essential features such as MPC with Account Abstraction, ensuring a smooth and unified user experience across different platforms.

SafeAuth Kit

The SafeAuth Kit, designed in collaboration with Safe, offers a transformative approach to integrating smart wallets with your application, ensuring compatibility with ERC-4337 and leveraging the principles of Account Abstraction. This innovative solution utilizes Web3Auth's MPC-powered accounts as the signer for these smart wallets, facilitating a smooth onboarding and recovery process. By doing so, it not only simplifies the user experience by streamlining their interaction with the blockchain but also enhances security and user autonomy.

Web3Auth + Safe AA Kit

The complete toolkit to build your own Account Abstraction wallet powered by Web3Auth MPC and Safe{Core} AA Kit

Torus Wallets

EVM Torus Wallet

The Torus Wallet, the in-house wallet from Web3Auth, offers a seamless integration across leading platforms such as Opensea, 1inch, thereby enhancing interoperability. Equipped with comprehensive features including fiat on-ramp top-ups, pre-generation of wallets, and swap functionalities, the Torus Wallet has set a high standard for convenience and utility in the blockchain space. This wallet exemplifies the potential of Web3Auth technology to simplify the user experience while maintaining high levels of security and efficiency.

Solana Torus Wallet

The Solana Torus Wallet is a specialized version of the Torus Wallet, tailored specifically for the Solana ecosystem. Designed to facilitate seamless integrations with leading Solana platforms such as Magic Eden and Star Atlas, this wallet embodies the core principles of interoperability and ease of use within the Solana network. This focus ensures users enjoy a smooth, secure, and efficient experience when engaging with Solana's vibrant ecosystem and its diverse applications.

XRPL Torus Wallet

The XRPL Torus Wallet is a mobile-first solution meticulously crafted for the XRPL ecosystem, emphasizing the effective management of tokens and NFTs. This iteration of the Torus Wallet leverages the strengths of the original platform while honing in on the unique demands of the XRPL environment. It offers users an intuitive, secure, and seamless experience tailored to the fast-paced world of XRPL, facilitating smooth transactions and interactions with digital assets.

Torus Wallets

The in-house wallet from Web3Auth, offering a seamless integration with interoperability across major dApps and protocols.

Create your own Wallet Ecosystem

Leverage the comprehensive wallet services offered by Web3Auth to craft a bespoke wallet ecosystem embedded directly within your application. This approach not only grants you the autonomy to maintain your unique wallet system but also ensures that all the robust features of Web3Auth are seamlessly integrated, offering your users a sophisticated and user-friendly experience.

Enterprise Whitelabeled Wallets

With the Web3Auth Enterprise plan, the possibilities expand further, allowing for a deeper level of customization and branding. You can have a chat with our team to get a better understanding of the possibilities and how we can help you achieve your goals. Some examples include:

  • Clone Torus Wallet: Customize and launch your version of the Torus Wallet, tailored specifically to your platform's needs and user expectations.
  • Fork Web3Auth Plug and Play Embedded Wallet: Create a unique iteration of the Web3Auth embedded wallet, fully integrated and optimized for your application's ecosystem.
  • Web3Auth React Native Whitelabelled Wallet: Deploy a comprehensive mobile solution that ensures a consistent and branded user experience across all devices, with flexibility and performance optimized for mobile users. A live demonstration of this wallet's capabilities and user interface can be explored here, providing insight into its functionality and design.

This customizable framework empowers you to establish a wallet ecosystem that not only meets the specific demands of your application but also aligns with your branding, providing a cohesive and engaging user experience.

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Real-World Applications

  • Fox Corporation leverages a dedicated infrastructure via our Web3Auth Plug and Play.

  • Trust Wallet Extension: Built on the foundation of Web3Auth MPC with development directed by our expert team.

Advantages of the Enterprise WhiteLabelled Wallet:

  • Web3Auth Infrastructure Ownership: Command key aspects of the infrastructure to guarantee optimal customization and security.

  • Custom UI/UX Flows: Construct unique user pathways with our specialized assistance, ensuring a perfect alignment with your audience and objectives.

  • Swift Development: Bypass the initial phases of wallet creation and dive directly into refining and customization, significantly reducing your go-to-market time.

  • Economical: Allocate saved resources and capital to bolster your offerings or diversify into new initiatives.

  • User-Friendly Customization: Seamlessly modify the existing framework to mirror your brand identity and provide a unified experience.

  • Rich in Features: With varied authentication methods from phone numbers to social logins and support for multi-chain operations, users are assured a comprehensive, seamless experience.

  • Licensing Benefits: The associated fee becomes a judicious investment, given the time, funds, and potential for rapid market introduction that you save.../../src/common/docs/_safeauth-description.mdx