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Authentication in Core Kit SFA iOS SDK

Let's look at the general authentication flow at Web3Auth.

When a user logs in with Web3Auth, the user's account can be in two states:

  • Account Without MFA: When the User logs in with only a social login and the key is secured by the Web3Auth network.
  • Account With MFA: When the User enables MFA by adding other shares like password, backup share, device share, etc. to their existing account.

This SDK only works for users who have not enabled MFA.

For MFA-enabled users, you'll see Error("User has already enabled MFA, please use the Web3Auth PnP Web or Mobile SDKs for login with mfa");

Without Openlogin Redirection Flow

By default, to reconstruct the key in both states, Web3Auth SDKs redirect the user to Where all the computation to reconstruct the key is done. The advantage of this approach is that it makes it easy for applications to integrate web3auth SDK without having to worry about the key reconstruction process. But sometimes, applications want to reconstruct the key in their application context, where the authentication flow described can be used with this SDK.

Create Custom Auth Verifier

Once you click on the Create Verifier button on the Web3Auth Dashboard, you'll see a toggle similar to these, where you can create a custom verifier for your use case.

Web3Auth Plug and Play Login Modal

Visit Auth Provider Setup to learn more about creating custom verifiers.

Filled Custom JWT Verifier

Custom JSON Web Token Provider on Web3Auth Dashboard


These verifier details will be used in the next step.