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Web3Auth PnP Android SDK

The Web3Auth Android SDK is a client-side library you can use with your Android app to authenticate users using Web3Auth. For using Web3Auth natively in Android, Web3Auth provides an Android SDK written in Kotlin. It returns a private key generated in a non-custodial way on successful user authentication. This authentication can be achieved by using any social login options that Web3Auth supports or custom authentication flow of your choice.

This Documentation is based on the 7.1.0 SDK Version.


  • Android API version 24 or newer.
  • Android Compile and Target SDK: 34.
  • Basic knowledge of Java or Kotlin Development.


  • Quick Start: Get Started with an easy to follow integration of Web3Auth

  • Example Applications: Explore our example applications and try the SDK yourself.

  • Troubleshooting: Find quick solutions to common issues faced by developers.

  • Source Code: Web3Auth is open sourced. You can find the source code on our GitHub repository.

  • Community Support Portal: Join our community to get support from our team and other developers.