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Web3Auth PnP iOS/Swift SDK

For using Web3Auth natively in iOS/Swift, Web3Auth provides an iOS SDK, written in Swift. The Web3Auth iOS SDK is a client-side library you can use with your iOS app to authenticate users using Web3Auth. It returns a private key generated in a non custodial way on successful authentication of the user. This authentication can be achieved by using any of the social logins Web3Auth provides or using a custom authentication flow of your choice.

This Documentation is based on the 7.5.0 SDK Version.


  • iOS 14+
  • Xcode 11.4+ / 12.x
  • Swift 4.x / 5.x


  • Quick Start: Get Started with an easy to follow integration of Web3Auth

  • Example Applications: Explore our example applications and try the SDK yourself.

  • Troubleshooting: Find quick solutions to common issues faced by developers.

  • Source Code: Web3Auth is open sourced. You can find the source code on our GitHub repository.

  • Community Support Portal: Join our community to get support from our team and other developers.