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Web3Auth PnP Web No Modal SDK

Web3Auth Plug and Play No Modal is the main SDK that consists of the core module of Web3Auth Plug and Play. This SDK gives you all the needed modules for implementing the Web3Auth features, giving you the flexibility of implementing your own UI to use all the functionalities. Since this package doesn't contain the UI Modal as compared to @web3auth/modal package, the size of this package is smaller.


  • This is a frontend SDK and can only run in a browser environment
  • Basic knowledge of JavaScipt
  • Supports all major JavaScript Frameworks, Libraries and Bundlers


  • Quick Start: Integrate Web3Auth in 4 Simple Steps.

  • Integration Builder: Get customised integration code with detailed reference for your specific use case.

  • Example Applications: Explore our example applications and try the SDK yourself.

  • Troubleshooting: Find quick solutions to common issues faced by developers.

  • Source Code: Web3Auth is open sourced. You can find the source code on our GitHub repository.

  • Community Portal: Join our community to get support from our team and other developers.