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Providers for PnP Web SDKs

Providers are basically pre-configured RPC clients for different blockchains. They are used to interact with the blockchain network. Web3Auth provides you with a few common providers for the most commonly asked chains. In case of SSS-based private key providers, you can also use the private key of the user to connect to other blockchain networks.

Currently, Web3Auth supports the following private key providers:

Private Key Providers

Base Type Reference for Web3Auth Providers

For facilitating these providers, Web3Auth exposes a IProvider which is a provider type helping you make standardized RPC calls to a blockchain.

This provider contains two functions, send and request. You can find its type reference below:

export interface IProvider extends SafeEventEmitter {
sendAsync: <T, IProvider=> Promise<U>;
send: <T, U>(req: JRPCRequest<T>, callback: SendCallBack<U>) => void;
request: <T>(args: RequestArguments) => Promise<Maybe<T>>;

export interface JRPCRequest<T> extends JRPCBase {
method: string;
params?: T;
export interface JRPCBase {
jsonrpc?: JRPCVersion;
id?: JRPCId;
export declare type JRPCVersion = "2.0";
export declare type JRPCId = number | string | void;
export interface RequestArguments {
method: string;
params?: unknown[] | object;