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SDK Errors & Warnings

Web3Auth Web SDKs

@web3auth/modal, @web3auth/no-modal, and other frontend SDKs, including mobiles.

General Errors

TPC_NOT_SUPPORTEDUnable to detect device share.This may be due to browser security settings. Adjust your current browser settings from 'Strict' to 'Moderate'. Alternatively, login via a Chrome Browser.
NETWORK_RESPONSE_FAILEDUnable to detect login share from the Auth Network.This may be due to slow internet connection. Check your internet speed and try again.
DUPLICATE_TOKEN_FOUNDUnable to verify.This may be due to invalid login. Kindly log out of your social login provider on your current browser and login again.
BUSY_NETWORKUnable to connect to Auth Network.The Network may be congested. Please try again in 5 minutes.
KEY_ASSIGN_FAILEDA key has not been assigned to you.This might be due to communication with the Auth Network Nodes. Kindly relogin to try again. If problem persists, please Contact Support.
VERIFIER_NOT_SUPPORTEDVerifier not supported.Kindly ensure you have a live verifier on the right network (Testnet/Mainnet). Set up / Check verifier status here:
DEFAULTThere seems to be some bug in the code.Please contact support to fix this.

Initialization Errors

5001Wallet is not foundError occurred, when there's no wallet found
5002Wallet is not installedError occurred, when the requested wallet is not installed
5003Wallet is not ready yetError occurred, when the wallet is not ready
5004Wallet window is blockedError occurred, when the wallet window is blocked
5005Wallet window has been closed by the userError occurred, when the wallet window is closed by the user
5006Incompatible chain namespace providedError occurred, when the incompatible chainNamespace was passed
5007Adapter has already been includedError occurred, when an already included adapter is being included again
5008Invalid provider ConfigError occurred, when an invalid provider configs are being used
5009Provider is not ready yetError occurred, when the provider is not ready and trying to use it
5010Failed to connect with rpc urlError occurred, when trying to connect the wallet with the rpc url
5011Invalid params passed inError occurred, when an invalid parameter was passed
5013Invalid network providedError occurred, when an invalid network was provided during initialization

Login Errors

5111Failed to connect with walletUpon login, the wallet is unable to connect
5112Failed to disconnect from walletUpon log out, the wallet is unable to disconnect
5113Wallet is not connectedThrows this error when trying to use a logged out wallet
5114Wallet popup has been closed by the userThrows this error when the user has closed the Login Modal


-32700Parse ErrorInvalid JSON was received by the server. An error occurred on the server while parsing the JSON text.
-32600Invalid RequestThe JSON sent is not a valid Request object.
-32601Method Not FoundThe method does not exist / is not available.
-32602Invalid ParamsInvalid method parameter(s).
-32603Internal ErrorInternal JSON-RPC error. These can manifest as different generic issues (i.e.: attempting to access a protected endpoint before the user is logged in).
-32000 to -32099Server ErrorReserved for implementation-defined server-errors.

Torus EVM & Solana Wallet Plugin Errors

5210Torus Wallet Plugin is not initialized.
5211Web3Auth is connected to unsupported adapter. Torus wallet connector plugin requires web3auth connected to openlogin adapter.
5212Provider is required.
5213Web3Auth instance is required while initialization.
5214Web3Auth is not connected.
5215UserInfo is required.
5216Plugin is already initialized.
5217Torus wallet instance is not set.

Web3Auth Node SDK


Constructor Errors

chainNamespace is requiredchainNamespace is required for EVM and Solana Chains
Please provide a valid clientId in constructorInvalid clientId was passed in the constructor.
chainId is required for non-OTHER chainNamespacechainId is required for EVM and Solana Chains
rpcTarget is required for non-OTHER chainNamespacerpcTarget is required for EVM and Solana Chains

Initialization Errors

chainConfig is required for Solana in constructor When initializing, chainConfig for Solana needs to be passed, else will throw this error
chainConfig is required for EVM chain in constructorWhen initializing, chainConfig for EVM Chains needs to be passed, else will throw this error
Invalid chainNamespace: ${this.currentChainNamespace} found while connecting to walletWhen initializing, unsupported chainConfig was passed

Login Errors

User has already enabled mfa, please use the @web3auth/web3auth-web sdk for login with mfaA user has enabled 2FA, @web3auth/node-sdk only works for a users who have not enabled MFA.

Other Errors

Some other errors could be found during @web3auth/node-sdk implementations:

node results do not match at first lookupVerifier not supported
Error occurred while verifying paramsInvalid parameter was passed.
Duplicate token foundAn already used (JWT)id_token was passed.

Web3Auth Core Kit tKey SDK (tKey)


1001Unable to delete service provider share
1002Wrong share index
1003Unable to updateSDK
1101metadata not found, SDK likely not initialized
1102getMetadata errored
1103setMetadata errored
1104previouslyFetchedCloudMetadata provided in initialization is outdated
1105previouslyFetchedCloudMetadata.nonce should never be higher than the latestShareDetails, please contact support
1201Invalid tkeyStore
1202Encryption failed
1203Decryption failed
1301Private key not available. Please reconstruct key first
1302Unable to reconstruct
1303reconstructed key is not pub key
1304Share found in unexpected polynomial
1305Input is not supported
1306no encrypted share store for share exists
1307Share doesn't exist
1308Share was deleted
1401Unable to acquire lock
1402Unable to release lock
1501privkey unavailable
1502metadata pubkey unavailable
1503getAuthMetadata errored
1504setAuthMetadata errored
1601delete1OutOf1 requires manualSync=true