Harness the security
enterprise grade MPC

Intuitive, fast multi-factor key management for applications and wallets

Secure, fast transaction signing
on any platform

Top-class security standards, as utilized by large institutions and businesses managing crypto assets.
Enterprise-grade multi factor key security
Secure digital assets of your users straight from your frontend, protect yourself from malicious hackers and user mismanagement.
Prevent front-end device vulnerabilities
Expect a login and signing time of less than 1.2s. Geo-distributed and horizontally scaled for global distribution.
Compatible with any chain and platform
Web3Auth MPC is blockchain-agnostic. Use it on any chain or protocol like ECDSA, EDDSA, BLS Support among others.

Did you know that not all MPC solutions are Self-custodial?

Check it out
for yourself

Next generation key management

Key management is tricky,
MPC is here to improve it

Reduce account loss from misplaced seed phrases
There is no seed phrase to manage - shares are managed by intuitive MFA flows that users are familiar with.
Gaming on blockchain
Prevent compromised device vulnerabilities
User accounts are not subjected to frontend vulnerabilities as MPC’s joint computation allows for keyless usage.
Avoid losing funds from dubious transactions
Safeguard your users’ account with a flexible policy engine to set rules - daily transaction limits and blacklist scams.
Expect fluid experiences
Expect a low latency of less than 1.2s for both login and transaction signing. Allow your users to focus on engaging with your product.
Own the UX
Web3Auth MPC is embedded into
any dApp and/or wallet - you own the experience.
No compromise on your stack; any platform, any chain
Find a solution that fits you. Web3Auth MPC is blockchain agnostic, it works on web, mobile and native applications.

Time for seed phrases to go

Join companies like Coinbase, Binance, Fireblocks to upgrade your key management security.


Q4 2022
Early access
Q4 2022
Early access
Q4 2022
Early access
Q4 2022
Early access