Go beyond
having an account on Web3

Non-Custodial  ·  MPC Enabled  ·  Customizable

Tap onto the benefits of non-custodiality

Protect account against a
single point of failure
Powered by MPC - an enterprise-grade key management methods with no KYC, AML required. Account security is based on a distributed threshold set up rather than a single login / seedphrase.
Full account ownership
for users
Not your keys, not your assets. Users are in charge of setting up their no-custodial account security factors and take them onto any app of their choice.

Cold wallet security
Hot wallet convenience, powered by MPC

Why use the Multi-Party Computation (MPC)
Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS)?

Unparalleled customization

to improve user adoption

to improve user
adoption and

and engagement


Preserve your branding
Retain your brand ownership through whitelabelling using our Plug & Play SDK. Popular among projects aiming to build and launch fast
Keep your current Web2 OAuth login
Auth0, Firebase, AWS Incognito, keep your authentication and onboard users to Web3
An experience uniquely yours via Core Kit UI
Use Web3Auth Core Kit SDKs for a fully customised integration with your environment
Keep your current chain and device
Web3Auth SDK is multi-chain and support multiple devices. Hook it up with your provider to onboard users on the chain you support

Metaverse friendly

Gaming on blockchain simplified
Gaming on blockchain
Onboard your users onto blockchain game with our Unity and Unreal engine SDK. Gaming on blockchain can be really smooth.
Direct access to popular marketplaces
Allow your users to buy and sell assets in your game directly on popular marketplaces supporting accounts secured by Web3Auth Key Infrastructure.

To make digital ownership and identity human-centric and accessible to everyone

Accessibility for all
Remove technical barriers and reduce the learning curve for digital ownership and identity for all users
Empower digital businesses and individuals
Provide simple and secure access to digital assets and identity across multiple platforms and applications
Human-centric with simplicity and familiarity at its core
Remove technical barriers and reduce the learning curve for digital ownership and identity for all users

You don’t have to hear it from us...