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Web3Auth Documentation

Simplifying User Onboarding with Scalable, Secure, Non-Custodial Wallet Management

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Our extensive product suite covers everything from pre-onboarding to post-onboarding and authentication, enabling you to craft a seamless end-to-end experience for your Web3 dApp.

Plug and Play Embedded Wallet SDKs

Integrate a non-custodial embedded wallet with prebuilt UI Components within your app within seconds.

Core Kit Integrated Wallet SDKs

Personalize your dApp experience with our low level SDKs where Web3Auth is completely hidden.

Wallet Services

Get Modular access to a prebuilt wallet UI, interoperability methods, fiat on-ramps, NFT services, and much more.

Wallet Ecosystems

Connect directly with flagship integrations of Web3Auth from established communities.


Our comprehensive array of guides, reference materials, and examples is designed to assist you at every step of your Web3Auth integration. Explore the nuances of web3 authentication and craft a tailored integration that meets your specific needs.

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