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Wallet creation in seconds - all while keeping it secure, non-custodial , and seed phrase-free via Multi-Party Computation (MPC) and Account Abstraction
Trusted by key players in both Web2 and Web3
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Wallets in Seconds



MPC/AA logins globally scaled

more user conversions

"Security is non-negotiable and wallets designed to be intuitive for projects was what we needed."

"97% of our new users created their wallets with social logins instead of seed phrases"

Design experiences that delight your target audience.

"We brought our existing identity seamlessly to mint and create NFTs."

"Web3Auth empowered us to own the end-to-end user experience and first-party data beyond NFTs"

Built it fast or Whitelabel it

Integrate in 8 mins

Save time with our plug and play solution, customize it for your brand.
Customizable design
Web SDKs (modal, non-modal)
Mobile SDKs (android, iOS, react native, flutter)
Gaming SDKs (unity, unreal)

Own the experience

Improve your user engagement, host it yourself with our headless SDKs.
Headless SDKs
Web SDKs (tKey JS, single factor auth, nodeJS)
Mobile SDKs (iOS swift, android Java)

Have it both ways,
a user-friendly and decentralized account

Go well beyond Web2.5 for your users to offer a fully self-custodial login experience with Wallet-as-a-Service (WaaS)!  Empower them to reap the true benefits of being on blockchain.

Powered by enterprise-grade wallet infrastructure, using the revolutionary Multi Party Computation (MPC).
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All your wallet essentials

Tailored solutions to support your product needs

Get early access to full Multi-Party Computation (MPC)

Use Web3Auth‘s MPC architecture and its distributed partial keys to sign transactions and to return partial signatures. Our TSS combines them all to generate a final signature for the blockchain.
Customizable Factor Authentication
Choose your desired number of factors for authentication to ensure the best possible security.
Whitelabeled Wallet UI
It's your wallet, your brand. Fully customize your Wallet UI on both mobile and web.
Fiat-to-crypto API
Work with the best partners for cheaper rates and higher conversions globally.
Identity verification
Verify your users using ‘Sign-in With Ethereum’ and CAIP proposals on your server-side.
Account Abstraction
Harness the power of Account Abstraction and MPC to trail-blaze the future of Web3 user experience. Abstract complexities away from the user with gas-less infra, mobile EoAs, on-chain enforced limits and more.
Bring Your Own Auth /
Identity Provider
Bring your own login providers whether they are existing or new. Firebase, Auth0, Cognito, we support them all.
From Ethereum, Bitcoin to Solana, Aptos, we support them all!
Interoperability via
WalletConnect and your
Connect users to Opensea, Magic Eden and other popular applications with WalletConnect. Manage all users within your ecosystem.